Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Freemasonry gets a bad press and not surprisingly when they issue statements like, ‘We are not a secret society, but a society with secrets’. They are to be pitied. If you want to join a secret society try the Illuminati; great name, mysterious and with a hint of Italian chic. Not a society that sounds as if it might give away bricks as a special joining incentive. Better still make up one of your own and don’t tell anyone about it. The most secret society ever was the Order of the Blood Creed. Arthur Ravenclaw founded this during his stay at the Twilight Home for Elderly Gentlemen, Wigan. He never told a soul about it. Arthur suffered from Alzheimer’s and promptly forgot the elaborate initiation ceremonies involving dwarfs and hammocks, and also the ultimate secret of the Universe, which was a pity because it was a good one. He also forgot completely about the whole thing. A great shame, but he still has fun hiding his own Easter eggs.
Freemasonry is like golf. Pointless. The McDonalds of pastimes; there is always something better.

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